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Poker Theory

Each game has its own theory dimension that is separate and unique. The theory of Poker is a subject on which there is already much body of literature. Sklansky is one such writer whose work has been on the reference list of all players of Poker.

Whatever is the importance of theory, while playing a tournament of poker what is required is an ability to play ignoring all settled concepts of thinking and considering each and every development on its own grounds. What is emphasized here is that one should focus only on winning the overall tournament rather than relying too much on the traditional ideas of success and gaming. Thus there would always be that gap between theory and actual reality as it opens up across the tables.

Although we agree that this could be quite difficult for a most of the players, the evidence of its success can easily be seen in renowned players who are now winning major events, including WSOP and WPT tournaments and championships. Even past champions like Scotty Nguyen, Howard Lederer, Daniel Negreanu, Eric Lindgren, Doyle Brunson, Barry Greenstein and many others have recognized the changing nature of poker tournaments. In fact there success was based on this fact itself. They all of the common view that the game of tournament poker has changed a great deal and that in the 21st century method and manner of playing it, predominantly Texas Hold'Em, old techniques of playing and thinking as a rule no longer hold true.

It is the very character of the whole host of variables in Texas Hold'Em tournament which defy mathematical applicability, up to a point. In a way statistics and mathematics are only useful tools, like signposts to the destination of success in the game. Success and victory in Poker does not necessarily happen always as a result of strategies based on statistics and mathematics.

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