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Poker Bluffing

Bluffing and bluff strategy are one of the toughest but most basic parts of poker. Without a doubt, if you never bluff in poker, there is no way you can be a successful poker player. That being said, bluffing is no undersized task, as it requires good poker sense, timing and pluck to pull it off. It can be scary, frightening, and embarrassing when you are caught, but likewise thrilling and rewarding when you get away with it.

Bluffing in Limit Texas Hold'em

In most Texas Hold'em games that are played, structured or limit poker is the most common variant of poker played. Not like no limit, where you can push your stack all-in and put a man to his money, in limit games, your bluffs will only be restricted to a single bet or raise frequently.Owing to this limited betting, bluffing haphazardly can get you in trouble, as your opponents will often be willing to call down a single extra bet, especially, in low limit games. As cool as it may sound to say to yourself that you're going to bluff everyone out of the next hand no matter what, it's not going to work the greater part of the time. Why? For the reason that bluffing, is an art form.

Position - The Weapon of Choice for Bluffing

If you have studied Texas Hold'em or poker in general, you'll know that your position relative to the button is a huge factor in the game. If you are unaware what a position is, we strongly recommend you read more . Position is quite important a topic to ignore, as it goes hand in glove with bluffing and aggression. Thus, adding a bluffing game on top of your position game is absolutely significant.

Moving on, position is important as bluffing will more often than not take place when you are close to the button or last to act. Why? Since you are in the advantageous situation to see all the action before the action is on you.

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