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The importance of strategy cannot be denied in the gaming world of poker. Here we give you some practical strategies for playing Texas Hold’em poker. These are some very unusual and funny ones not easily found in endless books and websites on Texas Hold’em.
  1. Talk continually about family problems, girl problems, financial problems, anything personal.
  2. Blow smoke into the middle of the Texas holdem table.
  3. When you grab a lucky River, tell people it was pure skill.
  4. Say the obvious only after the fact. "Jesus, you should have folded."
  5. Request a change of deck every three hands.
  6. Contemplate every decision for at least thirty seconds.
However, never forget that poker is a game of great skill. If you are novice, you should start by reading the game rules. Perfect your understanding of all the rules real well before you start playing. It is more than essential that you learn how poker hands are ranked.

For a complete strategy guide, consult books on basic poker strategy and advanced poker strategy regularly

A great way to learn this game is to play it online. It actually gives you a real platform to test all your poker strategies learnt from various sources without the risk by using a no deposit bonus.

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