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Poker Tells

Poker Tells is all about having the skills to read your opponents at the table. Every physical clue to every movement of the player counts toward reading a tell. Each player normally gives out tells.

I'm OK Hand Shrug-This is a tell that involves hand gestures as well as some body language. If you ask a person how strong a hand they have, they may reply, "I'm O. K.", but usually it means they are really strong. Occasionally they may give the hands down folded or open gesture of "I'm OK". 99% of the time while you see this gesture, you would want to fold. So be alert tothe I'm OK hand sign.

Card Under Card - This occurs when a person shuffles his cards in his hands one card under the other. Generally this happens in games where people are fishing for a card. In case if you see it happen in Texas Holdem, they possibly have an Ace and they are hoping to get the other Ace. On the other hand, if you never see them look at their cards, they may be set before now.

The Neat Pile - If a player stacks his cards particularly neat, this quite, means they are in the hand. That doesn't mean if they are stacked casually they will fold. It simply means if they took the time and care to stack neatly, they may be getting ready to play. You can test this theory with different individuals. If you know a person is reckless or sloppy by nature, then observing him carefully place his cards would more strongly signify that he is getting ready to play. Likewise the contrary, if a neat particular person sets the cards down sloppy, they may be actually preparing to fold as well. In this case the psychology behind it could be, "Hey! Those are not my cards so what do I care?"

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